Noah Baker

Medium Issue 0

Designed with Dora Godfrey
44pp Oversized newsprint

Art Direction by Ryan Hubbard

Medium 0 is the pilot issue of a new, printed Medium magazine, self-initiated by Medium’s design team with assistance from the editorial and marketing teams. It was comprised of a handful of the best pieces published on Medium in 2018, representing the broad spectrum of wonderful stories that appear on Medium from writers of all types.
        This project came together in just over one week. Dora and I worked together to establish a basic grid and typestyles, and then mostly worked separately to translate the articles from their digital form. In most cases, this meant creating a bespoke feature treatment from scratch as the original articles didn’t have accompanying artwork.
        The Lifespan of a Lie served as our primary feature, and we sourced public domain imagery to accompany the more serious tone of the typography and story.

back cover
front cover