Noah Baker

Collection Covers  
Designed at Medium

Creative direction by Bethany Heck & Ryan Hubbard
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In 2018, “collections” were an important surface for Medium’s renewed investment in commissioned and curated editorial. Each collection had a featured cover which was displayed prominently in the product. Some of these covers were for columnists (Douglas Rushkoff), some were for collections of user-generated stories (Human Parts) and others were themed monthly “magazines”(Youth, Now). 
        The magazines were more significant efforts and often went through weeks of revision. The covers set the tone for the month’s editorial pieces, including commissioned illustrations.
        We strived to push these covers as far as possible through matching art direction, custom typography, and motion where appropriate. Below are covers I designed, but others were designed by Ryan Hubbard, Renald Louissant and Dora Godfrey.